Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions should be carefully read as they pertain to your booking with Travel Ninjaz Private Limited

By using our site and the Services, you authorise that:

You legally qualify to enter into binding contracts (i.e. you are at least 18 years of age and every person you represent in respect of the booking also qualifies in this respect). You will only use our website to access and use the Services.

These Terms and Conditions (‘Terms’) govern the relationship between ‘you’ meaning the person, party or parties and ‘we’, ’us’, ‘our’ or ’the company’ meaning Travel Ninjaz Private Limited a company registered in India under the sub-section (2) of section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013 and CIN No. U92190GJ2015OPC085408. Travel Ninjaz Private Limited will supply the ‘service’, ‘tour’ or ‘tours’.

The website hosted at www.travelninjaz.com (‘The Site’) is operated and trading as Travel Ninjaz Private Limited. These are the Terms and conditions which will apply to your booking and outline among other things, the cancellation policy and certain limitations of liability. These Terms and Conditions affect your rights and designate the governing law and forum for the resolution of any and all disputes.

If you have any questions, please contact us on info@travelninjaz.com before using our website, booking a tour or participating in a tour.


When traveling with Travel Ninjaz Private Limited, you must be adaptable, have a good attitude, and be aware that modes of transportation, lodging, and itineraries may change without prior notice and even after the tour has started due to events beyond our control or when we deem it necessary, such as flight delays, cancellations, or postponements brought on by inclement weather or other unforeseen events like landslides, roadblocks, floods, political unrest, or delay. As a result, we cannot guarantee precise arrival or departure times and have the right to modify, adjust, reroute, or cancel our tours. You accept that taking part in our tours is entirely optional. While on the tour and for topics pertaining to the excursion, you must abide by our instructions and suggestions. While taking part in the tour, you must also abide by all rules and regulations. You agree that taking part in the tour entails interacting with other participants and Travel Ninjaz Private Limited in a group setting. You commit to always acting honorably and respectfully toward other participants, vendors, and Travel Ninjaz Private Limited staff. You must show respect for the environment and refrain from acting in a way that endangers other participants, Travel Ninjaz Private Limited, or the general public. If you violate any of these terms and conditions or if there are good reasons for us to do so, we have the right to terminate your participation in a tour at any time without incurring any liability.

Booking Terms & ‘The Contract’

You certify that you have the authority to agree and have accepted the terms of these booking conditions on behalf of your party/group when you reserve a tour through our website or a travel agent. If and when we accept your reservation/booking, we will notify you through email.

Cross-confirm the dates and seat availability from our team via mail or call before any online booking/reservation

It is your duty to verify the reservation information contained in the email of confirmation. You must let us know in writing within 48 hours after getting the confirmation email if these details are incorrect for any reason.

Any booking for a tour may be accepted or rejected at our discretion for any reason.

Pricing, Payments and Charges

Full payment / Advance Payment is to be made at the time of booking or reserving a trip slot. Remaining / Rest Payment is to be made prior 30 days to the trip starting date. GST (Service Tax) will be added to all the bookings.

The advertised Tour’s prices are subject to change after they are published. We advise “you,” the customer, to ascertain the most recent cost of such Tours, including any supplemental costs offered by Travel Ninjaz Private Limited at the time of the reservation. The Fee for your Tour won’t alter once a confirmation email has been sent. At least 15 days before the start of the tour, the entire balance must be paid. The cancellation process will start if full payment is not made at least 60 days in advance. Your financial information is transmitted over a secure service using SSL encryption technology when you make a payment through our website/payment links, and we confirm that your payment is secure.

Cancellation Policy

  • In the event of cancellation of any trip/adventure activity services due to any avoidable/unavoidable reasons, we must be notified the same via mail at info@travelninjaz.com
  • Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive advice on mail and cancellation charges would be as follows
            -Before 60 days: 90% of the total Land Package Cost is refundable
            -Between 31−60 days: 50% of the total Land Package Cost is refundable
            -Less than 30 days: No refund

Refund Policy

  • Refund will be processed within 30 working days after the cancellation date.
  • Cancellation charges will be calculated on gross tour cost and the cancellation charges shall depend on the date of departure and the date of cancellation.
  • No refund will be provided due to any unavoidable circumstances such as traffic schedules/restrictions, landslides, flight amendments, weather conditions or any other.
  • No Refund will be payable:
            -For any missed/unused services of the tour including the meals due to whatsoever reason
            -If services of the tour are modified, varied, amended, canceled or not utilized.
            -If any client decides and/or is required to cancel the tour due to any changes made in Itinerary or trip
            -If the client is not satisfied with any service of the operator

Medical Conditions and Special Requirements

You undertake to give Travel Ninjaz Private Limited written notice of any health issues, pregnancy, disabilities, or other mental or physical problems that would impair your ability to use the service. If Travel Ninjaz Private Limited is not informed, you can lose your right to travel and have your service suspended. If Travel Ninjaz Private Limited is not informed of any such condition, travel may be refused or service may be suspended, incurring a 100% cancellation fee. It is the duty of the customer to verify before booking if a particular trip is appropriate for them.

Travel Ninjaz Private Limited will try to make every effort to accommodate any specific requests made by customers, including dietary requirements. The availability of medical facilities varies from place to place, and Travel Ninjaz Private Limited disclaims all liability for the caliber of care received from any kind of facility. All customers will receive assistance and support from the Travel Ninjaz Private Limited staff during their journey.

You acknowledge that it is “you” who bears the responsibility for being immunized and having taken precautions for any mental or physical health issues that might impair your ability to complete the placement.

Travel Documents

It is your responsibility to make sure you have the proper travel documentation, such as a passport and visa, for your trip. The majority of countries require your passport to still be valid for at least 6(six) months beyond the date you want to depart the country in order to be admitted. Please check the country’s admission regulations before you travel there. Cancellations of Trips When Travel Ninjaz Private Limited is compelled to change the start date of a tour, you will be given a new date. (Reasons may include, but are not limited to, weather and safety situations etc). As a result of your booking, we are not liable for any incidental costs you may have incurred, including but not limited to visas, vaccines, travel insurance excess, or non-refundable airfare. However, in these circumstances, you are not eligible for any refund or a claim for loss resulting from cancellation or curtailment.


You agree that Travel Ninjaz Private Limited may use photographs and videos of you recorded during the trip for advertising and promotion purposes only in any format it chooses, without asking for permission from you or receiving payment.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance must be sufficient for participants. This insurance must pay for death, personal injury, medical bills, air ambulance, air rescue, loss of effects, repatriation fees, and any other expenditures that might result from the participant’s loss, damage, injury, delay, or annoyance. The participant must disclose the type of travel they will be undertaking to the insurer when purchasing travel insurance. Additionally, it is strongly advised that all travelers purchase trip cancellation insurance to protect against any potential losses brought on by unforeseeable events.

Your Cooperation

For your Tour booking to be processed, we will need you to provide Travel Ninjaz Private Limited with all necessary valid and accurate documentation, such as proof of identity, such as passport information, etc., and registered medical or physical conditions that we should be made aware of.

Transfer of service to another person

You, the individual, and “us,” Travel Ninjaz Private Limited, are the parties to the Contract. Your Tour cannot be transferred to another person or group. If for some reason you are unable to join a Tour, the cancellation policy will be in effect. If you have any questions or concerns about your reservation, we suggest you to contact us as soon as possible. We will try to assist, but we are under no duty to do so.

Itinerary changes in the Tour

There are various elements outside of our control that can affect the tour itinerary depending on the type of service offered during the trip. We will make every effort to deliver the tour in accordance with the itinerary. We shall not be obligated to provide full or partial refunds in the event that events beyond our control force us to alter the Tour Itinerary, but we will make every effort to replace any missed inclusions with ones of comparable or higher value.

Any extra expense coming due to any natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh etc.), Will be beared by customer. Company will not be liable.

Cancellation of a Tour by the Company

Travel Ninjaz Private Limited retains the right to cancel any trip in the event of unanticipated, unavoidable, or unusual circumstances. In particular, but not exclusively, war, the threat of war, civil unrest, pandemic, terrorist acts or the threat of terrorist acts, government or local authority acts, strikes, labor disputes, protests, natural disasters, unnatural disasters like explosions, or any other similar event that is beyond our control.

If we cancel your or your parties Tour, you can either;

i) transfer the amount paid onto another available Tour start date.
ii) transfer the amount paid onto another Tour of an equal or lower value with a refund of the difference actioned as soon as possible.
iii) transfer the amount paid onto another Tour of higher value. You will be required to pay any additional fees resulting in the higher value Tour.

Travel Ninjaz Private Limited disclaims all liability for incidental costs or losses that you or members of your party may have suffered as a result of the booking, including but not limited to: flights or other transportation bookings, visas, accommodation bookings, foods/meals or any other fees.

Unused Tours or Services

We have the right to reject any refund or discount for skipped or underutilized Tours or Services, as well as removal from the Tour or Service either voluntarily or involuntarily. This includes, but is not limited to, personal illness, death or illness in the family, late arrival of the tour, and early departure of the tour, either voluntarily or involuntarily. We reserve the right to refuse any type of refund or substitute activity if you choose to forego participating in any of the Tour’s events.


Any term, condition, or provision of a Contract that is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in part or in whole by any competent authority shall be severed from the remaining terms, conditions, and provisions, which shall remain valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Third Party and Partner Operators

Our “Adventures,” “Experiences,” “Short,” and “Package” packages might be run in tandem with other tour operators and other vendors; as a result, component-specific booking and cancellation policies apply. If you need additional information on the specific booking terms, please visit the FAQ page. We fully trust the professionalism of the tour operators with whom we work, and we will make every effort to provide our customers with 100% professional service and a hassle-free travel experience. However, Travel Ninjaz Private Limited just serves as a liaison between customers and regional tour operators, carriers, lodging providers, and tour guides; as such, it disclaims all liability for their products and services. Any issues that might occur will be resolved in accordance with the laws of each operator’s specific place of operation. Customers are in charge of arranging their own international/domestic air travel as well as purchasing travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance to cover any potential losses brought on by unforeseeable events.

Limitations of liability

We Travel Ninjaz Private Limited acknowledges responsibility for the staff members that work on our behalf. We might use third parties to deliver tours or other services. Regarding the services rendered by third parties, we assume no liability and give no endorsement. To the fullest extent permissible by law, we disclaim all liability and obligation for any services rendered by third parties or for any failure on their part to provide the required services.

We Travel Ninjaz Private Limited exclude all liability by the maximum extent permitted by for law for;

The site or your use of the site;
any misrepresentation (unless fraudulent);
the breach of any implied warranty, condition or other term;
the breach of any duty at common law;
the breach of these Terms; and/or the breach of any Contract
any acts or failings of any third party (including, but not limited to any government service/agency, accommodation provider, tour operator or airline);
any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control
any property loss or damage (including to your baggage) or personal injury, loss or death.
any damages/loss/theft while using the property will be paid by the client directly to the vendor/service provider.
any consequential loss;

The exclusion or limitation of our liability set forth in this clause does not apply to any of the following situations: negligence-related wrongful death or personal injury; fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or situations in which it would be against the law for us to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability.

Guidance about traveling to various nations, especially with regard to the risks involved. You agree that it is your responsibility to verify this information and that, should you decide to travel despite any cautionary statements made, you do so at your own risk.

When participating in our tour or using a service offered by Travel Ninjaz Private Limited, you must act appropriately. If we decide that your behavior is unsatisfactory, your Group Leader or a member of our staff may take action that results in the termination of our services. If this occurs, you will not be entitled to a refund since, when you made your reservation, it was expected that you had committed to behave appropriately; as a result, any undesirable behavior will be viewed as a violation of these Terms and Conditions on your part.

Other Terms & Policies

In case of injury/illness occurring to a participant during the tour, external evacuation/transport services may need to be engaged safeguarding the health of the participant. In such a case any additional cost arising from making such arrangements will have to be borne by the concerned participant/participant’s family.

We do not provide any insurance policy to cover for the expenditure on sickness or accidents or losses incurred due to theft or other reasons.

All disputes arising due to the above will be subject to the jurisdiction of Ahmedabad only.

All participants would be required to sign an Indemnity Form before the start of the program, without which travelers would not be allowed to participate in any of the adventure programs.

The tour price does not include – Expenses of personal nature, such as laundry, telephone calls, room service, alcoholic beverages, mini bar charges, tips, portage/ offloading charges during any trip, monument fees, camera fees etc.

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