Trip Overview

The Markha Valley trek is one of the most fascinating treks in Ladakh. The trek takes you on a beautiful journey in the land of fluttering colorful prayer flags, mane walls, high passes, exotic wildlife, and unusual shear canyons. Not to forget the authentic villages you walk past, bringing you closer to the Ladakhi culture. The colourful rock formations found on the trail, along with the views of Stok and Zanskar mountains often leave people awe-struck. The best time to do Markha Valley trek is between the months of June and September. It is a challenging trek, with loads of stream crossings, steep ascents, and descents from two high passes and long day walk and is recommended for experienced trekkers. Gear up for a beautiful and culturally rich experience, and let the serenity of the Markha Valley’s landscapes knock the stress out of your life.

Trip Itinerary

You will arrive in Leh from other parts of India on this day. You can travel there by flight or road. You would need to rest, as you would be coming to an altitude of 11,500 ft, which creates Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) for some. Make sure you get enough rest at the hotel. Once you have rested enough, you can explore Leh. Also, you have network availability along with ATMs so that you can enjoy the ambience of cafes.

Markha Valley 017
Markha Valley 015

This morning after you have had your breakfast, you can enjoy another day to acclimatize your body. You can take this day to get accustomed to the place and have a good time outdoors. You can visit the Buddhist culture by visiting Thiksey Monastery, Thiksey Gompa, and Shey Palace. Visit the famous market of Leh, Leh Bazaar, and enjoy the mesmerizing view from the Shanti Stupa. And talk to local people or fellow travellers to find out about the nearby area.

Markha Valley 014
Markha Valley 013

After breakfast at Leh, you will begin your journey by road; you will enjoy beautiful hills and rivers on the way. A trail leads from here on until you reach the flatlands. You must climb up until you reach another road. You will be walking along the side of the Markha River till you arrive at Skiu and through Kaya Village. The village lies between the big Rocky Mountains.

Markha Valley 012
Markha Valley 05

A delicious breakfast will kick off your day and begin your trek. Many wildlife birds are found there, which you might get to see; the trail will lead through the riverbed. You will cross the Markha River once or twice but still walk by the river. After crossing the bridge, you will reach the village of Narding, followed by a campsite called Sara. After going across another bridge, you will reach the village of Chalak, after which lies Markha Village.

Markha Valley 010
Markha Valley 09

Start your morning with breakfast with hot tea and enjoy Kang Yatse’s view. After walking for a few kilometres, you need to cross the river, and you will reach a small settlement, Umlung, once you have walked through the picturesque village of Hankar.

Markha Valley 08
Markha Valley 07

Upon waking up the next morning, you will be greeted with a spectacular view. The trek from Hankar will be a steep climb. After that, you will pass through a pass called Zalung Karpo La; you will then be walking through the lower trail till you arrive at the campsite of Thochuntse. From Thochuntse, the trek gradually ascends till you reach the picturesque Kang Yatse Pond. From the pond, you will go downhill till you reach Nimaling.

Markha Valley 06
Markha Valley 05

Today the trek will take you to the highest point. You will be climbing a steep hill till you reach Kongmaru La Pass. From there, you will catch sight of the huge, beautiful K2 Mountain, the second-highest mountain peak in the world. The trail then gradually descends through a narrow pass till you reach Chikirmo Village. On the way, you will be mesmerized by the view of the Indus Valley and Ladakh ranges. And from there, climb down through the rocky terrain till you reach Chokdu. Upon reaching Chokdu, you will go from there by road to Leh. This is your last stop from there; our team will bid you farewell, and then travel to Leh, Overnight at leh.

Markha Valley 04
Markha Valley 02

After a scrumptious breakfast, enjoy some time at leisure before boarding your flight back to home.

Markha Valley 03
Markha Valley 01

Trip Dates

Trip Price

USD 800 Per Person

*Add on USD 120 for Single Sharing Accommodation

Trip Details

What's Included
  • Personal Medicines, Sunscreen lotion, Lip balm, Glucose
  • Couple of water bottles
  • Chocolates, biscuits and nuts:
  • Other essentials: Paper soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and toilet paper.
  • Jeans/pants
  • Shirts/t-shirts/sweatshirt
  • Sweater, Socks
  • Cap
  • Warm inner
  • Innerwear
  • Handkerchief/towels
  • Slippers
  • Chargers for all the gadgets, cameras and mobile
  • Spare camera batteries
  • Car charger or battery bank
  • 3 socket power strip
  • Enough memory cards to last you the entire trip
  • Torch
  • Registration Certificate (We will provide you)
  • Medical Insurance Card
  • Secondary ID
  • Map and itinerary (We will provide you)

Important Information

E-Visa for India

An e-visa is required for travel to India. Online applications have simplified and made this process easier to use. By going to the E-VISA APPLICATION PROCESS, the official website, you can apply for your e-visa. The application procedure is simple. During your application process, you will be required to enter the address of an Indian company in order to receive your e-visa. This is among the details required to handle your visa application. For the application process to go smoothly, it’s critical that you have all the necessary information and supporting documentation ready before beginning. It’s recommended to take care of your e-visa application well in advance of your travel dates because it’s an important step in organizing your trip to India. In this manner, you can anticipate your trip without worrying about unforeseen circumstances.

Three different types of visas are available for visitors to India through the e-Tourist Visa system, each with a different duration and purpose. Here’s a quick rundown:

1. One-Month e-Tourist Visa: Both individual and group travelers can use this type of visa. It was made available to tourists in groups starting on October 15, 2021, and to individuals starting on November 15, 2021. The 30-day or one-month validity period of the visa permits two entries. It’s crucial to remember that this visa cannot be renewed or changed into another kind.

2. One Year e-Tourist Visa: This visa is issued electronically and is valid for 365 days, or one year, from the date of the ETA award. It allows for several entry into India. For people who want to visit India multiple times in a year without having to renew for a visa, this is the best option.

3. Five Year e-Tourist Visa: This is the ideal choice for people who want to travel for extended periods of time or make several trips over a number of years. Multiple entries are permitted, and it is valid for five years from the date of ETA grant. One significant requirement for holders of the one-year and five-year e-Tourist Visas is that they cannot spend more than 180 days in India overall in any given calendar year.

These visa alternatives give travelers flexibility based on their itinerary, which facilitates the exploration of India’s rich cultural and historical legacy.

Booking Process:

1. Make an Enquiry through Call, Email or WhatsApp.

2. Chose your appropriate trip and travel dates.

3. Share the required doucments (Valid Passport)

4. Make the initial payment as per your trip.

5. Get the confirmation over an email with a voucher.

Conditions for reservations and payments:

When making a reservation, deposit of the trips advance required. The remaining of the total cost must be made prior two weeks of the trips departure.


  • A. This trek is moderate and meant for everyone, right from fit/adventurous to seasoned hikers. Bali Pass trek is the best trek for beginners.
  • A. Best time to visit Markha Valley trek is from May to September month.
  • A. Nimaling is the highest point of the Markha Valley Trek situated at the height of 4689m.
  • A. Anybody travelling 10,000 feet above sea level will find difficulty in breathing or is likely to fall prey to altitude sickness. It happens due to low level of atmospheric oxygen. The biggest cause of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) is dehydration. People on the trip forget to drink enough water, they just keep on riding.
  • To beat AMS, take the following steps:
    1. Drink lots and lots of water mixed with glucose.
    2. Take everything slow. Even little labor at high altitudes will leave you spent.
    3. Take one Diamox at Manali on the morning when you leave for Leh. Diamox takes one hour to start working.
    4. Don’t push too hard, take the trip slow. Ascent slowly, decent slowly.
    5. If you feel the symptoms creeping up, stop and take some rest. Don’t keep pushing.
  • A. In Ladakh, Most of people speaks local Ladakhi language,some people(City Resident) also understand hindi and English language also.
  • A. In Markha Valley Trek Day temperature will be around 8° to 12° and during Night it will fall down to -10°
  • A. Trekking shoes are not mandatory but, it will make the trek comfortable. Take a shoe with a good grip and high ankle support. It would be better if the shoes are waterproof.
  • A. During Markha Valley trek the stay will be in hiking tents so there is no provision for a bath on the trek.
  • A. In Markha Valley Trek group size would be around 5-15 people.
  • A. In Markha Valley trek there will be 2 experienced guides depending on the group size.
  • A. Yes, men and women will not be sharing tents, unless on their demand.
  • A. During the trek we provide food 4 times a day i.e. Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner.
  • A. We suggest you to carry an original ID card and a photograph during the trek.
  • A. Yes, we do provide Toilet tents during Markha Valley Trek.
  • Yes, Sudden weather changes are expected, we suggest you to always carry a light raincoat or waterproof windcheater/poncho.
  • A. In Markha Valley Trek mobile networks are rarely available and it totally depends upon weather conditions. At Leh you will get BSNL, Jio & Airtel Postpaid mobile network. During other locations, you won’t have any network.
  • A. During the trek, you will get electricity only in Leh City.
  • A. You can exchange money only in Manali & Leh town, you can also use debit/credit card in some of the reputed shops and hotels but at additional 2% service tax.
  • A. Yes, this Markha Valley Trek is full of surprises for shutterbugs. However, keep checking on the warning boards if it is not permitted at some places then avoid it.
  • A. The Markha Valley trek is the group activity and Trek leaders have the responsibility of the whole trek in place of individual one so customized menus will be difficult to be available. However you can ask for customization, if possible you can for it we will try to make it available.
  • A. Yes, you can join us as Solo Traveller. There are many solo male and female travellers join us for the trek.
  • A. Yes, the Markha Valley trek is very safe for female solo travelers. Among all the Markha Valley Trek organisers, We have very proactive and responsible approach for all the trekkers, especially for female travelers.
  • A.Yes, you can carry your own tent but we do not suggest to carry your tent because it will increase the weight of your luggage.
  • A. Markha Valley trek is the part of  National Park. It is a natural reserve for many Himalayan species.
  • A. Markha Valley trek is made for everyone. The minimum age required to do this trek is 10+ years.
  • A. Physical fitness is required for the Markha Valley trek, you should involve yourself in physical activities like running, skipping, and some yoga breathing exercises for Markha Valley Trek Preparation.
  • A. Yes, you can go for Markha Valley trek along with your family. The trek is easy however physical fitness is required.
Markha Valley Trek

Price $1000 $800 PP

$99 Booking Deposit

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