Backpack or Suitcase – What is Best for Travelling?

Ready to head off on your travels? Whether you’re doing a short trip in Europe, backpacking in Asia, or hitting the beaches of Australia, your luggage is a crucial part of your trip. To help you with the big question ‘Backpack or Suitcase’, we’ve compiled a list of our top five solutions…

Things to consider…

  • Size: Choose a bag big enough to accommodate everything you’ll need for a relaxing vacation. We recommend a modest carry-on “day bag” plus a bag/suitcase (maximum 20 kg).
  • Durability: Invest extra money and purchase a long-lasting item rather than choosing a cheap one. Consider qualities like weather resistance, rip resistance, and zipper quality.
  • Comfort: Select a bag that fits comfortably in your hands, whether you want handles, shoulder straps, or straps that resemble backpacks. In locations that will come into contact with your body, look for bags that offer support and padding.
  • Organization: Take into account the quantity and kind of pockets and sections included in the bag. Make sure the bag you select will help you to arrange and retrieve your belongings with ease.

Traditional Backpack

  • A classic backpack is an essential item for all of you wanderers out there with an adventurous spirit. It’s lightweight, adaptable, and ideal for traveling to new locations. A backpack is an excellent option for both hiking and city exploration. Just be aware that it may be a little inconvenient to pack and retrieve your belongings quickly.
  • Tip: Get yourself some packing cubes because these bad boys will be a life safer on the road. Makes packing and unpacking far easier!

Front Loader Backpack:

For individuals seeking the practicality of a backpack combined with the effortless accessibility of a duffel bag, this is an excellent combination choice. For the well-organized traveler who desires quick access to their possessions, it’s ideal. It’s undoubtedly more convenient even though it doesn’t offer as much storage as a conventional backpack.

Duffel Bag

  • Searching for an easy-to-use, practical luggage alternative that isn’t a backpack? Perhaps the ideal option for your next excursion would be a duffel bag with a single compartment. You can easily pack for both solo and group travel with its roomy interior and lightweight design, which eliminates the hassle of carrying numerous pockets and compartments.

    Osprey Transporter Duffel bag Unisex
  • North Face Base Camp Duffel
  • Patagonia Hole Duffel

FYI: The big negative about duffel bags vs backpacks is the lack of back support, it can get a bit tricky if you overpack and you struggle to carry it.

Wheely Suitcase

  • A rolling suitcase is an excellent substitute for backpacks for those of you who truly don’t want to carry one. It is ideal for anyone who don’t want to bother about lugging their belongings, and you will find traversing the airport to be a delight. Just be aware that compared to a backpack, it might not be the most convenient alternative available and that it might be difficult to navigate on rough terrain.

    Antler Clifton Lightweight Beige Suitcase
  • American Tourister Soundbox Suitcase
  • Samsonite Graphite Neopulse Suitcase

The danger with a wheelie suitcase is overpacking… don’t go too crazy and remember you’ll need to be lugging it around!

Travelling solo does not mean travelling alone 🤙🏼

It would take a significant amount of effort to avoid running into many backpackers around the world, as there are a lot of them. When you travel alone, you are not limited to staying by yourself or beginning your journey with a group tour. It just indicates that you are in charge of your own journey! If you encounter a great group of other backpackers with whom you connect and decide to spend some time together! Take each other to amazing places, and when the time comes, bid each other farewell and move on to your next location, eager to meet up with plenty more!

Wheely Backpack

  • A rolling backpack is your best bet if you want the best of both worlds. The benefits of both wheels and a backpack will be combined for your convenience. For people who prefer to be constantly moving, it’s ideal for alternating between rolling and carrying their bags. Please be aware that it may be slightly heavier and more expensive than other options!

    Osprey Unisex 80 Litre Convertible Travel Backpack
  • Mountain Warehouse Voyager 50L Wheelie Rucksack
  • Osprey Farpoint Wheels 36 Men’s Backpack
  • Osprey Fairview Wheels 36 Women’s Backpack

In Summary…

Choosing the appropriate luggage ultimately comes down to your demands and personal style. Consider your itinerary, the length of time you’ll be traveling, and whether you’ll need a variety of clothing for different weather conditions. You can have a comfortable and stress-free travel experience if you have the appropriate suitcase or bag.

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