8 Signs You’re Ready to Eplore the World

There are several indicators that your meeting with the beach is becoming late. If I were a doctor, I would recommend a plane ticket and coconut-shell drinks to anyone exhibiting any of these symptoms right away. Check out the symptoms below to determine if you deserve a much-needed vacation

1. Zoning out regularly

You are not as engaged in Zoom conferences as you are when you are daydreaming about white sand beaches. Not just at work, where the sounds of the ocean now overpower most conversations. Then, for the fifth time in a row, you have to return to earth and ask yourself, in a humiliating manner, what you missed. You are no longer distracted by TV shows either. You have no idea what’s going on, and entire seasons have passed you by in a blur.

2. You Completed Netflix

You recently decided to take a chance and ended up on the shuffle setting after binge-watching enough Netflix content to last a lifetime. It’s probably time for an adventure if you’ve returned to Friends after watching the most recent episode.

3. Looking at travel websites and flight prices becomes a full-time hobby

You shouldn’t spend half of your day browsing Skyscanner and group travel websites if you’re not a travel agent, unless you’re just a few days away from booking that trip. I advise you to just click the “Book Now” button if your finger is stuck there and won’t go elsewhere. There’s just one way to get rid of the itch. ACT NOW… “You’ll never know unless you GO” .

4. "Can you lend me a hand?” Did someone say Thailand?

It’s time to take immediate action if you often mispronounce common words and sentences as travel-related. “Who said group holiday?” is your reply when someone asks what you’re doing today. Then, I believe it is imperative that we quickly pack that backpack and go to the airport!

5. When will it not be winter again?

Winter seems to have been here forever, unlike in Game of Thrones when it seemed to be approaching for all time! You can’t get away from the moody sky, chilly breeze, and gloomy rainy mornings. maybe you should go to the other side of the planet, where the sun shines for 90% of the day?

6. Food is boring

If you feel like you’ve tried everything, nothing thrills your taste senses, and you don’t want to eat anything anymore? You haven’t tried everything, I promise you of that. There are some incredible foods and cuisines out there. The only way to navigate this vast and uncharted territory is by eating your way through it!

7. You’re constantly thinking… ‘I’m in a rut‘

You must act quickly to break out of a loop if you are aware of it. Everyone has had a difficult few years, and working from home has not been easy. It was difficult being in quarantine, but now that the world is again open, this is the biggest opportunity of your life to make some changes.

8. You’re reading this blog right now

Perhaps you’re seeking for a sign that now is the time to travel? I am here to inform you that the moon is in the right spot and the stars are aligned, so you must go! This is your chance to set yourself free if you’ve been reading travel blogs more than ever before and have been waiting for the perfect moment.

I would advise you to head to the airport right away if you are guilty of more than one of these! These are all clear indicators that it has been too long since you entered paradise. It doesn’t matter if you prefer lounging on the beach, swimming in the ocean, climbing mountains, or slickly descending them. That’s exactly what your conception of paradise looks like! We know a ton of people eager for you to join them on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage if your friends or family don’t share your passion for life. You no longer have any excuses because at Feel Free Travel, we are pros at organizing experiences and making lifelong relationships.

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