17 Epic Reasons to Travel Solo

Imagine being the director, screenwriter, and protagonist of your own solo journey combined into one cohesive work of art. It’s all you’ve dreamed of and there are countless opportunities! Your personal, customized journey offers you the greatest opportunity to cross off all the items on your wish list.

Here is all the information you require if you haven’t already begun organizing your next thrilling trip. Here are all the things you have to look forward to if you have made it this far.

Warning: Expect excitement levels to hit new peaks, and be prepared to start booking flights & getting packed immediately!

A sense of freedom unlike anything else

Going on a solo adventure gives you a freedom that’s unmatched. There’s nothing better than having the freedom to suddenly leave everything behind and follow a thrilling opportunity that you’ve just learned about. There’s always the next destination to explore if you don’t end up falling in love with this one!

You can come, go, see everything, eat everything, make new friends, stay for a while, sleep in late, wake up early, party, fly, sail, drive, run, and stroll. Even better, why not do it all?

The world is your oyster 🌎

The world is all at your hands as a lone traveler, ready to be discovered! You organize the places to travel, the best time to go, and what to do once you are there. Get ideas for the locations you want to see first, then decide on a route and begin making plans for how you’re going to get there (if the final step seems too laborious, take a look at these Group Tours for Solo Travelers). Keep your bucket list out of the rubbish drawer and away from the dust. Make the most of it as inspiration to see whatever you’ve always desired! rubbish drawer and away from the dust. Make the most of it as inspiration to see whatever you’ve always desired!

If you’re unsure which countries you want to visit then think about foods you want to try, or animals you want to see and that can help you plan your route too!

Get out of your comfort zone 💪🏼

Backpacking will undoubtedly force you to step outside of your comfort zone, regardless of how experienced you are as a traveler. You will quickly develop into the most adaptive, self-assured, robust, and resilient person you know—one who thrives in the face of unforeseen change—even though it feels unsettling at initially. You never know what incredible things can arise from being able to go with the flow! ������

No need for compromise

Would you like to skydive over Sydney Harbor? Fantastic, go ahead and do it! Nothing is impossible for you to accomplish if you put your mind to it, and no one can keep you back. When you travel with a friend or partner from back home, it can occasionally be a little challenging. This is usually because you get to know one other better and discover that you’re not as similar as you thought. Making independent judgments without fear of offending your traveling companions is quite simple when you travel alone. #doityourway ������

If the idea of going alone scares the hell of you, why not jump on a group trip. Feel Free Travel isn’t like your traditional tour companies and more like travelling with a bunch of friends that all have similar interests ���

Meet a tonne of awesome people 👯‍♀️

When it comes to traveling, this is the easiest thing ever. You’ll meet a lot of people who share your interests everywhere you go, and they’ll be as excited to meet you as you are to meet them. Solo travelers are well positioned to encounter a diverse range of people due to their need to do so. When one doesn’t feel the urge to go out and mingle, couples and groups may choose to keep together. However, you’ll turn into a gorgeous, gregarious butterfly who meets the most incredible individuals ��� very soon

Travelling solo does not mean travelling alone 🤙🏼

It would take a significant amount of effort to avoid running into many backpackers around the world, as there are a lot of them. When you travel alone, you are not limited to staying by yourself or beginning your journey with a group tour. It just indicates that you are in charge of your own journey! If you encounter a great group of other backpackers with whom you connect and decide to spend some time together! Take each other to amazing places, and when the time comes, bid each other farewell and move on to your next location, eager to meet up with plenty more!

You hold the purse strings 🤑

You are free to save where you want to and spend where you want to. It is not a problem to go island hopping in Thailand, take a cruise around Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, or enroll in a surf school in Sri Lanka! The greatest thing about having money is that you can always make more of it. There isn’t a greater use of it, in my opinion, than for lifelong memories-making activities.

If you’re looking to do a lengthy trip you should consider a Working Holiday Visa in Australia. Here you can find a way to fund those epic adventures by doing a bit of work along the way.

“Find yourself”

There is a reason why it is considered a classic. Most people will inquire as to why you are leaving, as well as what you were able to accomplish if you chose to return home. Usually, a snigger and sardonic smile go along with it. You will undoubtedly learn a lot about yourself, even though you might not “find yourself.” You might discover a secret love of rock climbing, an odd aptitude for surfing, a fascination with yoga, scuba diving, anything! It’s possible that you discover a completely different purpose in life.

Inspire all your friends back home…or at least make them jealous 📸

You’ll have a stunning Instagram account. When your buddies back home sit at their workstations, sipping their morning coffee, and check their feed at nine on a Monday, they might start to get annoyed with you. You will be spotted exploring the Vietnam
rice fields on bicycle, lounging about in the Khao Sok National Park, and generally having the time of your life!

Top Tip: If you really want to capture jawdropping pictures and videos then start researching drones. If you have the cash to get 1 you’ll definetely be able to capture some really great shots!

No regrets 🙌🏼

When you travel alone, you are free to take spontaneous trips and seize every chance that presents itself. You may sleep soundly at night knowing you’re doing precisely what you want and when you want. All of your desires, objectives, and aspirations will be able to be accomplished as you thoroughly go through your bucket list, one item at a time. As you approach your latter years, you will be looking back with fond memories rather than regrets. That in itself is worth its weight in gold!

You’ll be safe ⛑

This is most likely the thought that crosses people’s minds when they witness different terrible news articles. In actuality, there are risks in the world, but none more than what you encounter on your daily commute to work. The likelihood of something occurring to you is really low, particularly if you exercise common sense whenever a wild notion occurs to you 🤣

Purchasing travel insurance is highly recommended for everyone traveling, even though it may seem costly and deplete one’s funds. Safety is the top priority when it comes to

Learn to live a minimalistic lifestyle

You are free to take as much as you like.But keep in mind that you have to carry everything! Living frugally is undoubtedly advantageous when traveling. Eliminate everything that you don’t need or want. Perhaps you won’t keep all the unnecessary items that take up drawers, cabinets, and your grandmother’s loft when you finally go back home!

Learn to be respectful of people, cultures and places 🙏🏼

The development of respect for traditions, people, and places is aided by exposure to a variety of individuals, viewpoints, cultures, and even cuisines. While traveling, you meet travelers from various walks of life in addition to the locals. You may find yourself enjoying a beer by a campfire with a Brazilian couple one day, watching a French woman enjoy the sunset the next, and ultimately playing pool at a strange bar with a Norwegian man. These encounters are all chances to develop and gain knowledge of a different culture.

Check out our recent blog on how to be a responsible and respectful traveller here.

Broaden your mind 🧘🏼‍♀️

You will be a different person than when you left if you choose to go back home. Which continent or nation you visit is irrelevant. You’ll encounter things and people who alter the way you think about life and the world.

It could be anything as small as discovering a fresh like for spicy food after visiting Asia, or it could be something completely different like new religious convictions. Accept everything and don’t skip a beat! 

Join a Group of other like-minded solo travellers! ✌🏼

To get a taste of what it’s like to be a lone traveler, join a group of fellow solitary travelers. Having the company of a group but yet having the time and space to yourself allows you to have the best of both worlds! Once you’ve determined whether this is the right life for you, you can decide to continue your journey if you so want.Come along with us on one of our fantastic vacations to Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, or Australia, and begin living your life as though you were the protagonist of a grand adventure film. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a friend, our group trips in Australia and Southeast Asia offer the ideal blend of party evenings, culture, and adventure. You will be strangers when you arrive and the greatest of friends when you depart. 

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